About us

Azzaro Royal Square Investments Group is a leading African focused Investment Company that prides itself on diversifying its operations.

At Azzaro Royal Square Investments Group we believe people are the energy that shapes the future of our world for good. In addition to talent, our team is committed to caring about those around them, inspiring others through their work and creating innovative and results-driven platforms that impact business and society in a positive way.

We have a broad portfolio of interests with a wide range of opportunities including FMCG, Property Development, Imports and Exports as well as Manufacturing.

In our drive to provide world-class service delivery, and to embrace our responsibility to help shape our landscape, we achieve this through strong governance and ethical business practices.

We has identified opportunities to expand our businesses outside of South Africa, and we have established a presence in several key markets in the rest of Africa, including Mozambique, Angola and DRC.

We believe that social responsibility is an important component of corporate businesses today, and for this reason we are invested in several CSI projects under the Azzaro Royal Square Investments Group banner.

Azzaro Royal Square Investments Group is also proud to be part of the transformation journey in South Africa, and we have achieved a Level 2 B-BBEE rating.

The AzzaroRoyal Square Investments Group strives to add intrinsic value to shareholders and create a positive catalyst for a healthy and robust growth of the economy for all.