Angola is a Southern African nation whose varied terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers and Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia. The country’s colonial history is reflected in its Portuguese-influenced cuisine and its landmarks including Fortaleza de São Miguel, a fortress built by the Portuguese in 1576 to defend the capital, Luanda.
Currency: Angolan kwanza
GDP per capita: 5,783.37 USD (2013) World Bank
Gross domestic product: 124.2 billion USD (2013) World Bank
GDP growth rate: 6.8% annual change (2013) World Bank
GNI per capita: 7,000 PPP dollars (2013) World Bank
Internet users: 19.1% of the population (2013) World Bank
Gross national income: 150.2 billion PPP dollars (2013) World Bank

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